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    NEWSKIN 360

    When it comes to your skin-care routine, it is easy to get frustrated when you are surrounded by products that don’t seem to work. At CLAIR, we found a fast and incredibly effective solution to dramatically improve your skin radiance and texture - NEWSKIN 360.
    This innovative 2 step procedure deeply cleanses and stimulates collagen production of the skin, resulting in firmer, brighter and more restored skin that glows naturally.
    Ensure longer results by combining with the use of specially-designed ‘CLAIR GLOW’ aftercare products that provide essential antioxidants and vitamins to hydrate the skin and enhance healthy glow.

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    Immediate Benefits

    . Vaporizes dirt and removes bacteria
    . Improves dull complexion and unevenness
    . Tightens and brightens skin
    . Leaves skin softer, smooth, radiant and glowing

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    Long-term benefits

    . Stimulates collagen and elastin production for firmer skin
    . Reduces that visible appearance of pores
    . Evens skin tone and texture
    . Reduces Hyper-pigmentation and Melasma
    . Clears acne and helps prevent future break-outs


They provide immediate results with no downtime, and they can often be delivered in less than an hour.

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